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Toddler with clear tape on finger
A little clear tape on a little finger can be magic!

Toddler won’t sit still for their photo?

Here is an easy tip I learned from my mom. Apparently I was such a toddler. Turns out the photographer my mom hired to photograph me at the time used a simple trick to get me to sit still for my photo.

I’m happy to say this trick still works today!

Can you tell by the photo above what I used to get this toddler to sit still? Sometimes all you need is a little clear tape on a little finger and voila! The child is now occupied and you can get some great shots.

Disclaimer: If you decide to try this at home on your own, please be careful. I am not liable if your child decides to ingest the piece of tape. Sometimes using any prop will yield the same results. The key is to get them occupied, so that you can get some focussed shots.