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When you invest with Photos By MJS you get so much more then you would expect from a regular photographer. More attention to details, more product choices, and definitly more time while shooting. If you hire me as your photographer, then I am solely your photographer for that day. No rushing you to get to another shoot. Since this limits my income potential and if you cancel I’ve lost the day to earn, I do ask for a retainer fee for your specific day depending on the type of photo shoot you request.

To get the best photographer for your needs hire a photographer that truly enjoys doing the type of photos you want to have done. I am the best photographer for any portrait photography. When I shoot Portrait Photography, it’s like I am a different person. It truly is my passion to take portraits! Yes, I would do it for free if I could, but I can’t, so please come up with a budget and lets get to work on your amazing portraits.

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