Welcome to Photos By MJS.

Lets get to know the photographer behind this site. Her name is Maria, A mom, wife, entrepreneur, author, and part-time registered Pharmacy Tech. Over the years she has worked on many creative projects, however her true passion is in portrait photography. As the un-official photographer of her family while growing up, she had many years to practice and improve her photo skills. She studied Applied Photography at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where after shooting the required school assignments, she realized her true passion was in portrait photography. Her family knows her best for taking her time and taking many photos in pursuit of that one great shot.

Recently she realized that some of the kids she photographed as a young adult were now having kids of their own. Whew…time just flew by.

Now that her own kids are older, Maria is looking for some fresh new faces to photograph. Eager to try new themes and create some amazing new wall art for her clients.

Please note that this site is currently under construction and while new information is being added and edits are being made, the site may look strange at times.